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Cobham Sensor Systems (Formerly Sivers Lab AB) is a long-established European microwave product manufacturer located in Sweden's largest high-tech area, KISTA in the northern part of Stockholm.

With 60 years experience in microwaves, Cobham Sensor Systems is a world-leading manufacturer of waveguide and coaxial Rotary Joints and Switches. They are ISO-9001 certified. Test equipment for e g high power tests, random vibration, burn-in, temperature cycling, low noise measurements is maintained in-house. For Rotary Joints most of the tests can be performed, with the joint rotating Cobham Sensor Systems is a division of Cobham Plc. The Cobham group is a substantial British industrial group with companies in Europe and the North America, employing over 7000 people and with a turnover of 560 million GBP(2000). It is internationally known as a key supplier to aerospace , particularly in the field of RF and microwave.

The main application areas are:

    • Air Traffic Control Radar
    • Satellite Communications Ground Stations
    • Radar Systems ground based, air-and ship-borne
    • Electronic Warfare Systems
    • Electronic Countermeasure Systems


Rotary Joints

- Waveguide Single Channel

- Waveguide Dual Channel

- Coaxial Single Channel

- Coaxial Three Channel

- Coaxial Multi Chaneel

- Waveguide/Coaxial, Dual Channel

- Waveguide/Coaxial, Three Channel

- Waveguide/Coaxial, Four Channel

- Waveguide/Coaxial, Multi Channel

- Swivel Joints

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Waveguide Switches

- WR229/R40/WG11A

- WR284/R32/WG10

- WR187/R48/WG15

- WR112/R84/WG15

- WR137/R70/WG14

- WR90/R100/WG126


- WR62/R140/WG18

- WR42/R220/WG20

- WR28/R320/WG22

- WRD580

- WRD650

- WRD750



Major Programs:

Cobham Sensor Systems products are onboard DASR-ASR11, ASR-12, ATCBI-6, JAS-Gripen, Eurofighter, Mirage 2000, NH-90, ANZAC frigates, NEC SNG, CV-90, Griffo, Atnavics, Giraffe, ASR-E, Rapier, Dagger, Blue Kestrel, Sea-Spray, Blue Vixen, Foxhunter, SRLM-5, Goal-Keeper, Scout, PAR-52, Watchman, Seaguard, 1802SW, ATCR 33S, SIR-S.



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