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Sprague-Goodman Electronics, Inc. was founded in 1972, and has been under the same management since its founding. The company has experienced steady growth through the years, and now offers the world's broadest line of trimmer capacitors.

Sprague-Goodman is an ISO 9001 registered firm. It maintains a well-staffed highly capable quality department, and meets the inspection requirements of MIL-I-45208. Many models have been approved to U.S. Military Specification MIL-C-14409D, and are listed on the Qualified Products List (QPL). The production facility has been surveyed and approved by the Department of Defense, and numerous customers. Sprague-Goodman has been awarded "preferred vendor" status by many major electronic manufacturers. 

Product Line

SGNM - High Voltage Non-Magnetic Trimmer

SGC3 - Miniature Chip Trimmer Capacitors

PISTONCAP® Trimmer Capacitors SG-205

Sapphire PISTONCAP® Trimmer Caps SG-207

Ceramic Dielectric Trimmer Caps SG-305

Sapphire SURFTRIM® Trimmer Caps SG-310

Erie PTFE Multiturn Trimmer Caps SG-401

FILMTRIM® Plastic Dielectric Capacitors SG-402

Mica Compression Trimmer Caps SG-500

Multiturn AIRTRIM® SG-660

Microwave Tuning Elements SG-670

Metalized Inductors. LC Tuners, Tank Circuit SG-700

SURFCOIL® SMT Chip Inductors SG-800

SURFCOIL® SMT Inductors & Transformers SG-890

Tuning Varactor Diodes SG-950

Insulated Tuning Tools and JFD Insulated Tools SG-206



Chip Inductor

Microwave Tuning Element

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