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The Waveguide Solution (TWS) was formed in early 2003 as a result of a management buy out of Quasar Microwave Technology Limited (Quasar). The acquisition has seen TWS acquire the equipment and expertise necessary for producing many of the quality waveguide products previously supplied by Quasar. Following the company's BSI assessment in April 2003, it has been awarded ISO9001:1994. TWS specializes in the manufacture of precision waveguide systems. The company has the capacity to manufacture a wide variety of waveguide applications for ship, aircraft, satellite, radar and communications systems. 


Flexible Waveguide

Waveguide Attenuators

Waveguide Directional Couplers

Waveguide Flanges

Waveguide Pressure Windows

Waveguide Horns

Waveguide Load Terminations

Waveguide Rigid Components

Waveguide Tee Junctions

Waveguide Co-axial Transitions

Waveguide Taper Transitions


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Flexible Waveguide

Co-axial Transitions

Waveguide Attenuators



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