Founded in 1977, Netcom, Inc. ("Netcom") is one of many companies that design and manufacturer RF and microwave for military and commercial applications. Netcom's product lines, including filters, frequency control devices and custom assemblies are designed for the telecommunications, military, aerospace/avionics, satellite and medical imaging industries. Netcom offers design engineering services, build-to-print manufacturing services and design for manufacturing services for all electronic component and complex communication assemblies. Our company is growing into emerging markets, such as the Military, Homeland Security and Defense, Next Generation Wireless Telecommunications and Medical Imaging Systems.

LC Filters

- Fequency ranges from audio to 3.0 GHz.

- Configurations include: bandpass, low pass, high pass and band reject.

- 100% tuned and tested in the factory.

- Available in a variety of mechanical packaging, Netcom's surface mount LC filters  are compatible with today's SMT systems.

Frequency Control Devices:

- Oscillators: Military, medical, wireless and test & measurement applications.

- Duplexers and diplexers: Wireless telecommunications and point-to-point communication systems. Custom designs are available.

- Other Device samples: PLL Synthesizers, Picket/Comb Generators, Microstrip Filters

Custom Microwave and RF Assemblies

- For military and commercial applications.

- Developed sophisticated custom solutions that range from board-level RF modules to complete transceivers.

- Includes spike noise filtering on MRI systems, co-site-filtering systems for military radios, cavity filters for the frequency agile applications, high power frequency agile filters, high power T/R switches for MRI systems.

- Complete RF transceiver assemblies for various military and commercial applications.




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