At SENSY, their daily challenge is to adapt the interface of their force transducers to meet the operating constraints in the field.

As long as SENSY has been in existence, it has offered a wide range of options to allow the type of transmission to be adapted to the application, including:

  • Analogue amplifiers (0-10 V, 4-20 mA, +/-10 V, etc)
  • Digital amplifiers (RS232, RS485, USB, etc.)
  • Wireless transmitter/receiver for industrial environments

SENSY recently developed a complete measurement solution, which included a system for measuring the force of five mooring cables operating in a hazardous area, by utilizing radio transmission.

FINDING a solution for a customer’s problem:
Customer needed to control the forces applied on the tankers mooring lines during the discharge of their crude-oil cargo.


  • Manufacture of five ‘Exd’ certified tensiometers, submersible in case of an accident, quick release for ease-of-use, and connected to a multichannel radio pack;
  • Development of an ‘Ex- certified’ transmitter in an explosion-proof enclosure;
  • Realization of an Ex- certified receiver mounted on the outside of the ship’s bridge in an explosion-proof enclosure and connected to a computer installed in the safe area.

Features of dedicated software:

  1. Display of the tension force of each mooring line in a bar graph so that the data can be readily understood.
  2. Programmable alert  thresholds with an audible alarm and a color changing from green to red depending on the force level.
  3. Real-time data recording.

This particular application is a typical example of what SENSY can achieve for ‘custom-made’ force sensors for use in hazardous areas in the fields of force measurement and wireless transmission of the resulting electronic signals.
It also shows how SENSY can provide a suitable solution to solve a customer’s problem.

* : Available for models : 5000, 5100, 5105, 5300, 5600, 5560, 2600, 2960

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