2008-09-07- SENSOR:New Products From Givi


New Products from Givi Misure

  1. Optical Scales NCS V (1Vpp) - NCS T (TTL)
    Optical scales with glass reticle, particularly suitable for CNC machines. Reference indexes at coded distance, or at constant step, with predefined and selectable positions.
  2. Incremental Optical Rotary Encoder EN38
    Incremental optical rotary encoder with small overall dimensions. Flange and body made of aluminium. Sealed cable output either radial or axial position.
  3. Battery-Powered Digital Readout ME110
    BATTERY-POWERED Digital Readout with MAGNETIC linear reading system. High accuracy and repeatibility. Many functions available.




 Optical Scales NCS V (1Vpp) - NCS T (TTL)

 Incremental Optical Rotary Encoder EN38

 Battery-Powered Digital Readout ME110


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