2012-03-18- GP: 50 sensor - First choice for upstream oil and gas markets

GP: 50 sensor - First choice for upstream oil and gas markets

GP: 50 provides reliable and accurate pressure, level, temperature sensor has more than 22 years, to 100,000 PSI pressure range from 0.5 inches water column pressure, the output of the mV / V, VDC, 4-20mA and HART protocol, special materials such as Monel, of Inconel and Hastelloy and many processes or electrical connection is optional.

The following GP: 50 pressure transducer is specailly designed for oil and gas application:

Differential Pressure Transmitters

Designed for top drive&hydraulic contro systems

115/215/315 - High Range Differntial Pressure Transmitters

•0-30 thru 0-7,500•Line Pressure ratings to 10,000 PSI

•mV/V, 0-5 VDC & 4-20mA output

114/214/314 - Ultra High Range Differential Pressure Transmitters

•0-500 thru 0-15,000 PSID

•Line Pressure ratings to 20,000 PSI

•mV/V, 0-5 VDC & 4-20mA output

7510-Subsea Differential Pressure Transmitters

•Ranges from 0-30 thru 0-15,000 PSID, 20K PSI line pressure option

•Rated to 20,000 FT sea water, 4-20mA or 0-5 VDC outputs

WECO® Hammer Union Transmitters

PressureModel 170/270/370

High Pressure High Temperature:Model 370-QX

Temperature:Model 271/371

•1502,2002,2202 configurations

•Ranges 0-3,000 thru 0-20,000 PSI, HPHT operation to 355

•FM,CSA,ATEX or IEC hazardous approveal ratings available

Hazarous Approved Pressure Transmitters

111,211,311 Series

•Pressure ranges from 0-15 thru 0-75,000 PSI

•Rugged all welded stainless construction

•Low power version, Flush mount sensor eliminates clogging

Subear Pressure & Temperature Transmitters

7500 to 7900 API Flanged Subsea Transmitter

•Ranges to 30,000 PSI, Rated to 30,000 FT sea water

•395operation, Dual pressure & temperature output

7540-Subsea Differential Pressure Transmitter

•Ranges from 0-30 thru 0-15,000 PSID

•20K PSI line pressure option, Rated to 20,000 FT sea water

•4-20mA or 0-5 VDC outputs, Flush process connection operations

7500-Subsea Pressure Transmitter

•Ranges from 0-15 thru 0-40,000 PSI

•Rated to 22,000 FT sea water, Low Power,VDC & 4-20mA output

7800-Subsea Temperature Transmitter

•Temperature Ranges from -320to 700

•Rated to 30,000 FT sea water, mV/V, VDC , 4-20mA & RTD output

Well Head, Pipeline & BOP Pressure Transmitters

211X/311X/411X- Pressure Transmitters

•0-5 thru 0-75,000 PSI, mV/V, VDC or 4-20mA output

•HART Protocol – 411X

•FM,CSA,ATEX & IEC hazardous approval options

1171 - Field Rangable Pressure Transmitter

•4-20mA output, Field Rangable to 5:1 turn down

•All welded,rugged construction

Well Servicing Pressure & Temperature Transmitters

Pressure & temperature transmitters for blender discharge,transmission,engine oil & hydraulic measurement.

340-IM – Blender Discharge Pressure Transmitter

•4-20mA output, 5 times proof pressure

•Flush process port eliminates plugging

340T – Temperature Transducer

•RTD or 4-20mA output, Probe lengths from 3/4” to 6” long

211/311 – Hydraulic Pressure Transmitter

•Ranges from 0-5 thru 0-15,000 PSI

•VDC or4-20mA output, Welded,rugged,compact design

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