In 1963, Piconics Incorporation engineered the FIRST microelectronic tunable inductor, typically 100 times smaller than conventional components with the same electrical values. Since the successful entry into the Apollo Program in 1965, Piconics has been a continuous supplier of High Reliability components for the aerospace  . Mostly products include Tunable Inductor, Fixed Inductor, Microwave Components, the Broadband Conical Inductor, Attenuators & Thick/Thin Film Circuits Substrates. Piconics Broadband Conical Inductor features a bandwidth extending from 10 MHz to 40 GHz with no resonance and flat across the full band. 


Broadband Conical Inductors

- CC series

(Add -C for to part number for SMT version)

- Micro Conical sereis (NEW!)  (Data Sheet)

- Micro SMT inductors (NEW!) (Data Sheet)

CCM Broadband Conical Inductors  (New Products 2017!!)   (Data Sheet)

MICRO CCM Broadband Conical Indcutors  (New Products 2017!!)   (Data Sheet)

Fixed and Tunable Inductors

- Fixed Chip Inductors:

  P, PA, PG, PK, PW series

- Fixed Leaded Inductors

  C, D, JA, JC series

- Tunable-Chip Inductors

  PGV, PSV, PV, PVM series

- Tunable-Leaded Inductors

  B, G, ST, TT series

RF & Microwave Air Coils

- MG, MK, S, M series


 Broadband Conical

Air Coil

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