LUN'TECH (Luneberg Technologies) with 35th year of operarion, Located in Perols near Montpellier in the south of France, 3km from the A9 motorway, 1km from the airport. LUN'TECH mainly design, development, manufacturing, repairing and sales of reflectors. From this process of a spherical lens with a progressive variation of permittivity, have been created passive radar reflectors and antennas. This microwave technology developed by LTT then Thomson, is now owned by LUN'TECH which continues to improve the manufacturing process as well as specific developments for new applications:such as Port and airport beaconing, Radar calibration and Multi-beam antennas for satellite communication for Civilian. The Lun'Tech product obtains ISO 9001 Ed.2000 certification.

The main customers are: Thales, DGA, EADS, Galileo Avionica.


1. Luneberg Reflector Monostatic Rectilinear Polarization

2. Luneberg Reflector Bistatic Rectilinear Polarization

3. Luneberg Reflector Monostatic Circular Polarization

4. Luneberg Reflector Monostatic Equatorial Rectilinear Polarization

5. Trihedral Reflector

6. Offset Trihedral Reflector

7. Precision Trihedral Reflector

8. Active Radar Reflectors with Fixed R.C.S.

9. Active Radar Reflectors with Adjustable R.C.S.: 2 to 7 GHz

10. Active Radar Reflectors with Adjustable R.C.S.: 4 to 12 GHz

11. Active Radar Reflectors with Adjustable R.C.S.: 8 to 18 GHz

12. Active Radar Reflectors with Adjustable R.C.S.: 2 to 18 GHz


1. Luneberg Antennas

Lun'tech Antennas

Lun'tech Reflector

Trihedral Reflector

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