TEXYS, produces and delivers a range of automotive sensors to Motorsports teams and Car manufacturer research and testing departments. They have been supplying successfully for several years, Formula 1, WRC, Indy/Champs teams. TEXYS sensors have been designed for harsh environment (WRC/Formula1). The reliability with accuracy of all their range of sensors and products allow them to have established good business relationships with Car Manufacturers and the top end of Motorsport.

From now on, they are entering the industrial market with the first 2 sensors listed: their range of infrared temperature sensors as well as their patented thermocouple Amplifier. The qualified thermocouple amplifier can be used in many regions, such as temperature circuit of autoengine, which implement cold junction compensation automaticaly. By using infrared temperature sensor can accomplish real time qualify control in automotion factory, etc. They have also the possibility to develop special applications and/or sensors. TEXYS is selling its products using its brand name TEXENSE®



Thermocouple Amplifier




Dry Air Differential Pressure Sensors


Gear Shift Devices


Infrared Temperature Sensors


Miniature Pressure Sensors


Strain Gauge Amplifier X N2.1


Liquid Temperature Sensors


Srain Gauge Bonding Amplifiers


Pitot Sensors


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