Technologies Engender Cognitive Transcendence
科 技 成 就 認 知 超 越



We are a high quality electronic components’ agent/distributor, representing reputable brands from all over the world since 1999. With an array of sales branches in China, TECT is proudly committed to servicing respective industry’s OEM’s, EMS, system integrators and university research laboratories in the region.

There are three Product Sales Divisions in our company: RF/MICROWAVE, SENSOR and POWER SOURCE.

RF/MICORWAVE product line consists of a wide variety of microwave components, ranging from as small as a semiconductor material to microwave subassemblies. Our supplied microwave products are broadly used in the markets of Aerospace/Avionics, Wireless Communication, Broadcasting, Medical Equipment, Instrumentation, Radar, etc.

SENSOR product mix offers top class innovative sensing elements, transducers, transmitters, sensory apparatus and other related items. The products’ uniqueness and unsurpassed reliability have made our represented brands famous in the international marketplace. The market segments being served include but not limited to Process Control & Automation, Aerospace, Plastics, CNC Machine Tools, Chemical Refinery, Petroleum Exploration, Medical, Automotive and many other industrial machinery.

At TECT Electronics, with highly motivated and professional sales team coupled with the keenest support rendered by our principals, we have successfully been enjoying a good reputation and long term customer relationship in both the Electronic and Measurement communities in our area. As an ongoing expansion, we are geared up to growing with broader product mix.

| Company’s Mission

To maximize our target customers’ total satisfaction by providing excellent consultative sales solutions and services of our high quality components and subsystems at reasonable prices.

| Company’s Vision

To strive to be one of the largest and best electronic/electromechanical components’ Distributor and Representative in China and Asia Pacific.

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