New Product: Piconics -004 series Broadband Conical Inductor

Piconics is a world-class supplier of high-quality microelectronic coil inductors for a wide variety of application in the telecom, test & measurement and medical electronic industries. Piconics is pleased to announce their -004 Series Broadband Conical Inductor with broadband performance up to 90 GHz! It is a good choice for applications like Ultra Broadband Amplifier and Bias Tee.


  • Smaller inner diameters at the tip of the cone improves insertion loss and return loss, and enhances high frequency performance.
  • Model Modelithicss-parameter data and models available to 90 GHz.
  • 3 parts values available : CC25T50K240G5-004, CC25T47K240G5-004, CC55T47K240G5-004.
  • Data Sheet
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