Quantic Corry Feedthru Filter

The most common way to prevent EMI from interfering with devices is by installing Feedthrough Filters on their signal and power lines. It is a component that has a capacitive element built around a central conductor. 

Feedthru Filters are built using a dielectric material that can be shaped into a circular form. This may be in the form of a discoidal (donut shape) or in a tubular form. These shapes allow for the center conductor to pass through and attach to them in the center. This makes the “+” connection to the capacitor element. The outer diameter of this form is the “-“ connection to the capacitor element, and it is typically attached to an electrical ground point of the device.

Quantic Corry Ceramic Tubular Filter

Mechanical Size: Standard and High Density D-Sub Configurations in 9, 15, 25, 37 & 50 pin sizes

Electrical Specifications:

  • Circuit Types: “C”, “Pi”
  • Voltage range to 100VDC
  • Capacitance values to 47,000pF
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