Trans-tek 100 series Linear Velocity Transducers (LVT)

Trans-tek Series 100 Linear Velocity Transducers (LVT) provide a simple yet accurate means of measuring linear velocity. They consist of high coercive force permanent magnet cores which induce sizable DC voltage while moving concentrically within shielded coils. The basic design permits operation without external excitation while the generated output voltage varies linearly with core (magnet) velocity. These transducers are ideal for seismology, hydraulic ram speed, drilling rate, and any other application where an instantaneous velocity measurement is required.


– Self-Generating DC Voltage Output

– Magnetically Shielded

– High Sensitivity

– High Frequency Response

Data sheet


– Shock Absorber Testing Machine

Velocity readings (in VDC) from LVTs help to rate damper performance, which leads to a better shock absorber design.

– Injection Molding Machine

Machine builder uses LVTs to monitor the injection – or feed – rate of molten plastic flow.

– Glass Pipette Pulling

Molten glass is pulled to form pipettes used in most laboratories.  To properly shape the glass, LVTs are used to control the pull rate.

– PC Board Drilling

Precise velocity measurements are necessary in PC Board drilling applications to assure that the drill bit is being used to its maximum potential, with optimized throughput.

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