CX Thin Films

CX Thin Films is a privately held company that specializes in providing components to the RF, microwave, telecommunications, fiber-optic, defense and space industries. Their staff has decades of production experience in high reliability thin film products. They are focused on providing the highest quality and broadest variety of resistors and components, both standard and custom. All design and manufacturing is carried out in their 17000 ft2 headquarters in Cranston, RI including 2000 ft2 of class 10,000 clean room area.

Thin Film Resistor Products:

Their high-reliability product line includes:

  • Chip Resistors
  • Microwave Resistors
  • High-Power Resistors
  • Custom Resistor Networks including Resistor/Capacitor Network Capabilities

Custom Design & Manufacturing

CX Thin Films advanced manufacturing methods ensure sheet rho uniformity, metalization adhesion, and thickness control. Their manufacturing capabilities allow customer to meet and exceed their most demanding custom requirements. CX Thin Films chips will be the perfect part for customers individual applications.

Please contact our Sales for inquiries and quotations.

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