In 1970, Flexco Microwave, Inc. pioneered flexible coaxial cable which maintains its electrical stability under repeated flexure, representing a major advance in coaxial interconnects. The first 25 years of production and sales were primarily oriented towards aerospace applications, with a reputation for quality and reliability earned in a number of satellite, missile radar, and airborne systems. Today, Flexco has successfully made the transition from programs to a commercial marketplace. Flexco has ISO-9002 certification in process. 

1. Super Low Loss Designs

Patented outer conductor with an expanded PTFE dielectric

2. VANA Cables for Precision test & measurement

Rock Solid Phase & Amplitude: Low VSWR, Low Cost

3. Hi-Vel Cables : Hgh Velocity, Super Low Loss, Phase Stable

4. Long-Lyfe Cables : High Power Handling, Phase Stable, Low Loss

5. Series S : Low Loss, Long Length Assemblies, Low Cost

6. UltraFlex : Your flexible alternative to RG405 & RG402

Cable Assemblies
NTC Series Cable Assemblies

High Power

Test & Measurement
Cables(SuperCable) ATC


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