Global Invacom Waveguide (Legendarily originated Quasar Microwave Technology Limited)

Global Invacom Waveguide’s microwave expertise dates back to the middle of the last century. Gabriel Microwave and Mid Century merged with Quasar Microwave Technology in 1989, and when the Andrew Corporation took over Quasar in 2002, the resulting management buyout of Quasar resulted in the formation of The Waveguide Solution.

The Waveguide Solution owns the Intellectual Property Rights from Quasar (which includes IP from Gabriel and Mid Century), and also employs many of the experienced workforce from Quasar.

In 2012 TWS was acquired by Global Invacom, one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of Satellite and Digital TV peripheral equipment and is now firmly part of the Global Invacom Group.

In 2017, TWS was renamed Global Invacom Waveguide (GIW) to bring the business in line with Global Invacom’s wider brand and provide consistency across all areas of the Group.

GIW has the capacity to manufacture a wide variety of waveguide applications for ship, aircraft, satellite, radar and communications systems. 

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