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At Knowles Corporation, they’ve achieved excellence in their industry for more than 65 years. They strive to continuously reinvent their industry and make products more effective than the day before.

Headquartered in Itasca, Illinois, their global scale of 8,500 employees in 30 locations worldwide includes design centers in Europe, Asia and North America. Coupled with their significant investment in research and development, their scale enables them to remain agile and efficient and deliver ground breaking technology to their customers with high-volume economies.

Knowles Precision Devices

At Knowles Precision Devices they make Multilayer, High Reliability, Single Layer and Precision Variable Capacitors, EMI Filters and Thin Film Devices including RF Filters, splitters and couplers. Their business was formed by combining Compex Corporation, Dielectric Laboratories, Johanson Manufacturing, Novacap, Syfer and Voltronics, each well-established specialty capacitor makers with a combined history of over 200 years, into a single organization.

Their expertise is the design and manufacture of components important to engineers in applications where function and reliability are key. The markets they serve include medical implantable and medical equipment, aerospace/avionics, EMI and connector filtering, oil exploration,instrumentation, industrial electronics, optical networks, telecom and automotive.

Compex specializes in providing Single Layer Electronic Components to the RF, Microwave, Telecommunications, Fiber Optics, and Space industries. Since their inception in 1976, they have focused their research and development on providing the highest quality and broadest variety of Single Layer Capacitors, Submounts, Mounting Shorts, and custom thin-film parts to hundreds of customers in over 25 countries.

DLI is a global supplier of microwave and millimeter wave components for applications demanding near perfect, almost lossless devices. Their components use specially developed, proprietary materials tuned to provide optimized Hi-Q, low ESR responses. They are a major supplier of single layer capacitors, offering the broadest range of material and device options. Their multilayer capacitors include traditional “porcelain” products as well as highly temperature-stable and extremely low ESR chips and a family of broadband blocks. They also provide advanced “smart” heat sinks and standoffs. Building on their high frequency expertise they now offer thin film filters and resonators. These offer very attractive advantages including small size, low weight and superior temperature-stable properties. They also provide Build to Print services, and will happily build customers thin film device.

Johanson Manufacturing Corporation (JMC) is now part of the Knowles Capacitors group of capacitor manufacturing companies. Their corporate complement of highly trained individuals, whose first priority is the customer, reflects JMC’s philosophy of excellence and provides uncompromising quality for total customer satisfaction. JMC is the industry standard of excellence.With facilities located in the United States and the Dominican Republic, JMC is an outstanding, environmentally conscious global supplier. Knowles Cazenovia is certified to ISO 9001 + AS9100 and Johanson Dominicana S.A.S is certified to ISO 9001. State-of-the-art technology and equipment in the pristine facilities enable JMC to control the product from design through manufacturing. JMC is a world-class supplier of trimmer capacitors, non magnetic variable inductors and microwave tuning elements. JMC offers a wide variety of variable capacitors for RF and microwave applications. Giga-Trim® capacitors are miniature capacitors designed for high resolution tuning of RF power circuits. JMC air capacitors are available in a variety of sizes and mounting configurations incorporating a one piece, self-locking, constant torque drive mechanism. Ceramic trimmer capacitors are available in surface mount, strip-line, and through hole lead styles. Microwave tuning elements are an economical means of tuning waveguides, cavities, and other microwave structures.

Novacap is recognized as a leading supplier of specialty multilayer ceramic capacitors, differentiated by offering a wide range of high-voltage, high-reliability, high-temperature and high-energy components for specialized applications. Standard and custom products are available, operating from 3V to 30kV and sized from 0201 to very large formats, throughout a range of material options. They pride themselves on being the specialist for high-reliability capacitors for military and medical applications, underpinned by extensive engineering experience and test capabilities. Their range of high-temperature capacitors includes a family of seven dielectrics capable to 200°C and above, while their pulse energy devices provide exceptional discharge energies. Novacap runs a highly flexible manufacturing process, enabling production scales ranging from just a few to very high quantities. It is availability of different dielectrics and terminations, coupled with a process capable of making any volume that truly makes them the “bespoke tailor” of ceramic capacitors.

Syfer is a premier global source for application-specific multilayer ceramic capacitors and EMI suppression filters. Their comprehensive product range includes standard and high-voltage capacitors for 10V to 10kV and case sizes from 0402 to 8060. They have a strong, talented team of development engineers who invented the first flexible polymer termination, the famous FlexiCap™, that virtually eliminates stress cracking and set the industry standard. They are constantly looking for ways to provide new and improved products to our customers. Recent progress has allowed them to provide major extensions to many of their product ranges. Their range of EMI filters includes 3 terminal chips, surface mount Pi filters, X2Y integrated passives, panel mount threaded and solder-in devices, discoidal capacitors and planar arrays. With the ever more stringent EMI/RFI requirements in our connected world, they can help solve customers interference problems.

For almost 50 years, Voltronics has been leading the market for precision, multi-turn variable capacitors. Utilizing a clever non-rotating piston design, our parts can be confidently set to optimize the performance of a tuned circuit. Being stable with time and temperature, Voltronics trimmers are often the easiest way to get the best performance from the circuit and are available in a huge variety of electrical characteristics. If the part customers need isn’t in the catalogue they will use their experience to build just the right one. For less sensitive applications their range of half turn trimmer capacitors provides a cost effective and user-friendly tuning solution. For MRI coil designers they have a special range of non-magnetic trimmers, inductors, capacitors, diodes and mechanical hardware; all the things needed to make the coil.

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