Givi Misure

Italian based Givi Misure is one of the Optical Scales and Magnetic Scales top leaders in the world. Established in 1979, Givi Misure has successfully been crafting out their leadership in CNC Machine Tools industry through constantly putting heavy investment in Research and Development, as well as systematic use of strict and selective inspections and testing of materials and products.

In addition to the foregoing two products, the other two product lines, Encoders and Digital Readouts have also gained much of words of mouth in the Measurement field.

Optical Scales

  • GVS 200 Incremental scale with glass grating
  • GVS 202 S Incremental scale with stainless steel grating
  • GVS 204   Absolute scale with glass grating
  • GVS 206 S Absolute scale with stainless steel grating
  • GVS 900 Incremental scale for large machines
  • GVS Data sheet: (1) , (2)

Magnetic Scales

  • GVS215    Incremental Magnetic Scale
  • GVS219    Absolute Magnetic Scale
  • GVS Datasheet: (1) , (2)
  • MTS         Reading system with square-wave output
  • MTV         Reading system with sine-wave output
  • ME110      Single-axis digital readout
  • MP           Magnetic bands for MTS and MTV
  • Accessories Cover and support

Rotary encoders

  • EN58        Incremental 58mm
  • EN38        Incremental 38mm
  • EPC          Rack and pinion
  • EN413      Incremental 41.3mm
  • VE413      Electronic handwheel, various flanges
  • Accessories metric wheel, shaft-encoder couplings

Digital Readouts

  • ME510     Single-axis digital
  • ME518     Single-axis digital, 7-digit display
  • ME600     Multi-axis digital, without auxility display
  • ME800     Multi-axis digital, with auxility display
  • VI700      Multi-axis digital, with LED display
  • VI900      Multi-axis digital, touch screen color LCD
  • Accessories  Supporting arms

Position controllers

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