SENSY S. A. develops and manufactures both standard and custom-made load cellsorweighing transducers. These sensors are intended for systems for electronic weighing, effort measurement (from 1 kg to 3,000 t), torque measurement (from 1 Nm to 250 kNm) and level measurement (for silos). They also design transducers for all industrial sectors, including the most demanding ones, such as the chemical sector. This meant that they develop sensors that have to work in difficult and dangerous environments – for example, extreme temperatures (up to 200°C) and explosive atmospheres (ATEX), etc. They also produce load-limitation systems for overhead cranes and other such handling equipment.

Their most important asset is the development and manufacturing of a wide range of custom-made sensors (sensor customisation) to meet all of their customers’ expectations and requirements. This has made their name within the various markets for sensors, which are so diversified. The fact that they export to the four corners of the world and to over 50 countries also contributes to their good reputation. Indeed, exports represent more than 85 % of our turnover.

Since Sensy S.A. was established in 1985, to ensure the quality of their products, they have developed the concept of “individual traceability” for each sensor. They have even made it one of their “mottos”. They are continuously trying to excel in what they do, supported by the valuable resources they allocate to their R & D department, the importance that they place on innovation, and the continuous upgrading of their products, production technology and managerial techniques, etc. This enables them to offer their customers the widest possible product range of the highest quality.

  • Force Transducers
  • Weighing load cells
  • Standard Reference Transducers
  • Load Limitation
  • Torque Transducers
  • Tensiometers
  • Instrumentation
  • Calibration Service
  • Projects – Softwares

 Advanced load cell technology for aerospace and aeronautics center

 Load pin, clevis pin for load limitation applications: cranes, EOT, overhead cranes

 High Accuracy Sensor: ISO 376, Stanand reference load cell

 Force transducers / tensiometers for wire rope: compact, portable, reliable

 Offshore Application: Force measurement, mooring control, load limitation, hook loads

 Submersible / Subsea load cells: tensiometers for wire rope, force measurement

 Sensy force sensors and VEGA rocket

 Weighing Solutions – silos, tanks, hoppers, mixers

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