Tekscan is the world’s leading innovator and manufacturer of tactile pressure and force measurement sensors and systems. Their sensors and systems are used across a wide range of applications within test and measurement, medical, dental, and retail; as stand-alone solutions or as embedded technology to create better and differentiated products. Their customizable, minimally invasive sensing solutions enable customer to integrate their technology into their design to create their unique requirements. Their passion for innovation, broad expertise and commitment to quality help turn customer vision into reality.

Tekscan located in Boston,has been in business since 1987. Now they have more than 100 employees.

All company facilities has been ISO 9001 & 13485 certified.

Tekscan’s philosophy is to provide highly cost-effective upgrade paths to enhanceand expand the utilization of their products by customers. They have successfully integrated their technology into OEM products, and continue to develop sensors and systems that are rapidly becoming industry standards. 

FlexiForce Standard Sensors

FlexiForce standard sensors are available in off-the-shelf sizes and variousforce ranges. These standard sensors are trimmable, and can be integrated into product designs,as well as custom force sensors.

These sensors can detect and measure:

  • Relative change in force or applied load
  • Force thresholds and trigger appropriate action
  • Rate of change in force
  • Contact and / or touch

Standard Force Sensor Line

Position Sensors

FlexiForce’s potentiometers, FlexiPotTM Strip and Ring, are customizable membrane position sensors, with a flexible, ultra-thin, lightweight profile. Their low power requirements and linear output make them ideal position sensors for Test and Measurement, or Embedded application.


Custom FlexiForce sensors are integrated into various applications and industries.

Please see below for a few samples.

  • Embedded Force Sensor
  • Sports & Fitness   
  • Diagnostic & Setup tools  
  • Drug delivery device     
  • Consumer products      
  • Robotics                 
  • Industrial controls

Infusion pump occlusion detection

When a blockage occurs in portable, wearable pumps,like the one pictured, the tubing expands to alert the user there is ablockage. A FlexiForce custom force sensor incorporated where the tubing meets the housing can detect this expansion by monitoring the force applied to the sensor by a section of the tubing.

Grip Force measurement

Accurate grip measurement has become increasingly important in today’s world of continued ergonomic improvement. Historically, there have been limitations with grip measurement. The thinness and flexibility of the FlexiForce sensor’s construction enables force feedback without restricting maneuverability.

Quality control measurement

This quality control device has a FlexiForce custom sensor that contains three sensing areas to ensure the device is balanced on the surface. This provides accurate, repeatable sample positioning. By measuring the force at three points, the sensor ensures that the beam of the device is at the correct angle.

Robotic balance and Grip

Robots in any industry, from consumer devices to manufacturing applications, must be able to sense whether contact has been made, and/or how much force occurs during a given action. FlexiForce sensors are integrated into the feet of the Nao Robot to ensure proper balance and grip.

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