For over 40 years, Trans-Tek, Inc. has been providing the very best Linear and Angular Displacement and Linear Velocity Transducers in the business. Their main focus is Linear Sensors, which are based on LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) technology.

Trans-Tek’s complete production facility is geared to meet your delivery needs – whether it’s for a standard or custom sensor solution. Their LVDT Research & Development (R&D) program is continuously expanding their product line to address countless industrial applications.

Trans-Tek employees and Tect Electronics are committed to earning your trust and ensuring your total satisfaction. We share the same enduring goal in providing competitive transducer products that represent quality and reliability – and that measure up to our customers’ toughest sensing applications and delivery requirements

Gaging LVDTs

Angular Displacement Transducers


Linear Velocity Transducers


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