Givi Misure SRL GVS600 Optical Scale – CNC Machine Tools

GIVI MISURE measurement systems are constantly tested to withstand the high speeds, accelerations and the heavy working conditions required by the best performing CNC machine tools. With resolutions up to 10 nm, accuracy up to ± 1 µm, measuring lengths up to 30 m and compatibility with the protocols of the main CNC manufacturers, GIVI MISURE is able to provide the right solution for each machine.

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  • Optical scale with glass measuring support, particularly suitable for CNC machine tools.
  • Accuracy grade ± 5 μm in the standard version and ± 3 μm in the high accuracy version (± 2 μm for measuring lengths up to 720 mm).
  • Non-extendible sealing lips, along the sliding side of the reader head, fixed at the lateral ends.
  • Innovative device inside the scale for the disposal of liquids coming from inefficient filtering systems.
  • The special sealing lips and the device for the liquids disposal provide an excellent protection of the grating from refrigerant liquids often used during machining.
  • Metrological certificate provided with each scale.
  • Linear thermal expansion coefficient λ = 8 x 10-6 °C-1.
  • Adjustable connecting cable output. Connector inside the transducer.
  • Reference indexes at coded distance, or at constant step, with predetermined or selectable positions.
  • High accuracy and stability of signals even in case of high speed, strong accelerations and vibrations.
  • Protected against inversion of power supply polarity and short circuits on output ports.
  • Small size, to allow installation in narrow spaces.
  • Interchangeable with the previous model NCS.
  • Filtering system for pressurization available on request.
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