HSI Sensing – High Security Sentinel Sensors

The HSI Sensing Sentinel line is a group of advanced, high-security entry-point sensors with a UL 634 Level 2 listing. UL 634 is the standard for all switches and connectors used in alarm systems and can be further ranked between High Security Levels 1 and Level 2. Level 2 devices, such as Sentinel, meet the strict standards for SCIF intrusion detection systems for the government intelligence community.

HSI Sensing latest addition to the line, the Sentinel Retro, is designed as a drop-in replacement to simplify upgrading outdated technology and seeks to eliminate some of the most common issues that plague the industry, such as false alarms from shock and vibration, and alignment and mounting limitations.”

Sentinel technology utilizes Hall sensors and intelligent algorithms making them resistant to physical, electrical and magnetic tampering.  Advanced engineering has also eliminated alignment issues at install and can accommodate long term door sagging.

Sentinel products are capable of monitoring highly sensitive areas, including government facilities, prisons, sensitive compartmented information facilities (SCIF) and server rooms, and banks. Sentinel can accomplish all of this in a package that is less than half the size of comparable sensors. 

Market use, premium listing, and innovative engineering places the Sentinel line of sensors as one of the most advanced door contact security sensors in the world. Sentinel technology can monitor precise location and strength of all magnetic fields within proximity of the sensor, delivering a 360-degree scope to monitor activity from every angle.

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