Massachusetts Bay Technologies (MBT) designs and produces all of its semiconductor products in its 16,000 square root facility located in Stoughton, MA.

MBT is committed to the continuance of innovations in service to its custom improvement of design, product performance, and quality control. MBT’s product frequencies range from 100Hz up to and including millimetre wave; our quality device are used in various industry applications such as university and laboratory research, consumer products, telecommunications and aerospace .

MBT is a certified ISO 9001: 2008 facility. This system has facilitated MBT’s transition to a commercial manufacturing operation. The ISO certification also reflects the conformance of MBT’s quality and business management systems and processes, used in the engineering, manufacture and packaging of its semiconductor products.

MBT provides standard high reliability test programs for their entire product line. These programs are based on MIL-STD-19500, MIL-STD-750 for components assuring the use of their products in space applications.

MBT supplies complete line of semiconductors which includes: PIN limiter diodes, tuning and multiplier varactors, schottky mixer and detector diodes, point contact mixers and detectors, chip capacitors, spiral inductor coils, tantalum nitride resistor chips and fixed value attenuator pads.

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