GIVI MISURE is glad to introduce the new self-aligned scale mod. GVS for synchronized press brakes.

GVS scale is the result of continuous investments of R&D and it offers high performances even under heavy usage conditions.

GVS represents a technical evolution of the previous model PBS-HR, already appreciated by the major OEMs around the world.

The new scale is realized in four versions, with different characteristics in terms of accuracy and output signals. The four models are interchangeable with each other, offering to the OEM the flexibility of deciding the mot suitable model for each press brake to be manufactured.

The four models currently available are: 

  • GVS 219   Magnetic Absolute   
  • GVS 204   Optical Absolute     
  • GVS 215   Magnetic Incremental
  • GVS 200   Optical Incremental
  • GVS Datasheet: (1) , (2)

GVS is also mechanically interchangeable with PBS-HR scale, thanks to the GV-PB adapter provided. Without any mechanical modification to the machine, the manufacturer can easily test the high quality and numerous advantages offered by the new GVS scale.

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