GP:50 Model 120 high-pressure and temperature sensor – Down hole application

The Model 120 from GP:50 is a high-pressure, high-temperature pressure sensor for oil & gas down hole tool applications. Its highly compact and corrosion-resistant design allows for ease of installation within challenging exploration environments.

It is available in pressure output or pressure and temperature outputs (optional).  Its pressure range is 0 to 5K PSI thru 0 to 30K PSI (345 thru 2,068 BAR) and its temperature is to rated to +400 °F (+204 °C). Optional 2 to 3 mV/V output and its accuracy is ±0.5% FSO standard (optional ±0.25% FSO available). All welded 316 stainless steel housing and the wetted parts were made of Inconel 718 (alternate materials available). Typical applications include: oil & gas exploration and production, MWD, PWD & LWD tools, geothermal, wellhead monitoring, coil tubing.

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