1. ) WA90B compares with normally attenuators has very high Power Sensitivity which is <0.0006db/db/w.  WA90B can use for checking up the accuracy of the other attenuators.
  2. ) WA92 has high power (150w), large power range (150—1000w), high frequency(18GHz), especially has very low intermodulation. This characteristic is very useful when anti-jamming serious required. Because with the improvement of the transmission rate, as well as the improvement of user requirements, anti-jamming gradually on the agenda.
  3. ) WA92-12 has high power(150w),large power range(150—1000w), high frequency(12.4GHz), and both very low inter-modulation, and very high power sensitivity (which is . 0.0002db/db/w). So can be used both to verify some attenuators and anti-jamming serious required site.
  4. )  WA1490B is a new type of high power, high frequency and low VSWR, very excellent load. Power rating is 50w, Frequency range from DC-18GHz, The maximum VSWR is 1.2. It’s also has the option of low inter-modulation.
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