HYPERION GROUP Companies, design and manufactures standard and custom semiconductor components for avionics, automotive, communications, computing, medical, optoelectronics, telecommunications, space and  wireless applications.

HYPERION has undertaken the task to redesign and manufacture the future semiconductor components compatible with chip and wire, flip chip, chip scale CSP and surface mount technologies.

HTE Labs provides process specialties bipolar wafer foundry, BICMOS wafer foundry, thin film vacuum deposition services, applied thin film processing for analog and mixed signal bipolar manufacturing processes, Analog CMOS wafer foundry, R&D support, research and development support for microelectronics and process specialties wafer Fab processing to customers from semiconductors and microelectronics industry. 

US Microwaves is a manufacturer of high reliability microwave integrated circuits technology or MIC technology. US Microwave offers a multitude of applied thin film products and microwave semiconductor devices: manufactures and supplies high quality standard microwave thin film circuits and microwave devices using advanced technical ceramics and semiconductor materials; Products include RF micro devices for hybrid chip and wire applications; microwave thin film circuits, MIS capacitors MIS, MNOS capacitors, MOS capacitors, ceramic capacitors, Schottky diodes, PIN diodes, tunnel diodes, SRD diodes, varactor diodes and zero bias diodes, RF NPN and PNP transistors.

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